Overhaul, Turnaround and Specials
A ship after docking, a plant after turnaround or an installation after maintenance. But also Specials.
Dunk tank Cleaning Services is your partner in special cleaning.

All our operators are VCA/SCC-P certified.
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After docking for maintenance, a ship needs to be cleaned before handing it over to its owner.

Dunk Tank Cleaning Service is specialized in turning you ship as brand new.
- Cabins, cabinets, sanitary, sleeping and living accommodations
- Aisles, pantries an kitchens, wheelhouse, decks and gangways
- Control rooms, engine rooms
- Water tanks, ballast tanks

After a plant turnaround or installation maintenance, areas need be clean and free of debris before commissioning.

Dunk Tank Cleaning Services is specialized in bringing these areas to your safety standards.
- Aisles, working areas, area divisions
- Control rooms, pump rooms, material rooms
- Removing debris, unnecessary items, barrier tapes and objects.


Dunk Tank Cleaning Services is known for its broad knowledge in special cleaning jobs.
* Ballast tank cleaning                                * Holds cleaning
* Pet coke removal                                       * Hazardous environmental cleaning
* Damage control                                         * Emergency response

Safety is the main issue in our company and is strictly followed by our staff. In confined spaces, safety equipment is applied during the entire operation.

We are specialized in bringing your ship or plant ready for commissioning. We Provide assistance all over the world and we are available 24/7. 

Dunk Rotterdam
Specialised in cleaning operations in the Maritime, Terminal and Off Shore
In Netherlands and Europe
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