Cleaning of mineral oil tanks and installations
We supply certified operators to clean tanks and installation on site according to your safety standards.

All our operators are VCA/SCC-P certified.
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Cleaning of mineral oil tanks and Installations

Tank cleaning and sludge removal is our specialty for many years.
We perform sludge removal either through manual labor or no-man entry, depending on the situation in the tank. Our operators work according to a standardized scheme in cooperation and approval with our client.

We have extensive experience with a wide range of tank designs and applications, including tanks with crude, finished products, wastewater, sour water, asphalt, paraffins and other materials. Turnkey, integrated service options include:

* High pressure washing (250-500 Bar)                 * Hydro jetting (2500 Bar)
* Butter washing                                                           * Vacuum cleaning                                          * Waste minimization                                                  * Waste  and product disposal

Safety is the main issue in our company and is strictly followed by our staff.
In confined spaces, safety equipment is applied during the entire operation.

We are specialized in cleaning both ship- and shore tanks. We provide assistance all over the world and we are available 24/7. 

Dunk Rotterdam
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