Oil spills
We are 24/7 available if an oil spill occurs. Both on land or on water we can be immediately onsite to avoid environmental pollution.

All our operators are VCA/SCC-P certified.

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Oils spills

As shipping companies and ports continue to grow and expand, the importance of maintaining clean and safe working environments has never been more paramount. One of the most significant issues facing shipping companies is oil spills on deck of their vessels. Oil spills not only poses a safety hazard for workers, it can cause environmental polution and  it can also lead to significant financial losses. 

But also on tankplants and refinaries, oils spills are a danger to man and environment and have to be cleared away as soon as possible.

Dunk Tank Cleaning Serrvices is always ready, on your demand, to be on site to clear away spills and the waste of it. We have vacuum tankertrucks to remove spill waste in short notice and clean-up the area, ready for operation. 

Safety is the main issue in our company and is strictly followed by our staff. In confined spaces, safety equipment is applied during the entire operation.

We are specialized in clearing away spills on both off-shore and on-shore. We Provide assistance all over the world and we are available 24/7. 

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